Team Members

Of course every company says they have the greatest staff… but we believe it!


Matt & Lynne Morgan- Idaho Falls, ID


Matt & Lynne Morgan- Co-Founders (Idaho Falls, ID) after they triumphed in Idaho Courts on Fraud for Grooming of a child, in a landmark civil case. This came on the heels of Matt spending time in a rehab facility in 2010, where he had help in gaining an understanding and acceeptance of the unfortunate acts that were done to him as a child. At the age of 44, Matt began to have nightmares that were haunting him. While in rehab, he underwent a psychiatric and mental health evaluation where he learned that the nightmares were actual memories from his childhood. Matt was diagnosed with suffering from PTSD and Dissociative Amnesia as a result of his abuse as a child.

With these unfortunate experiences, Matt and Lynne wanted to make a difference in hopefully saving “Just One” child from experiencing these acts of sexual abuse. They established Building Hope Today in 2014, and have and continue to self fund the foundation for the last 2+ years. During this time, discovery, research, alliances, finding viable solutions and establishing the foundation charter has been achieved. Building Hope Today is changing the silent stigma associated with these insedious and pandemic acts against our children.



Alethea Cox – Idaho Falls, ID

Chief Operations Officer

Alethea Cox comes to us with decades of professional experience in corporation infrastructure and growth along with nonprofit background. She brings years of experience with fortune 500 companies holding responsibilities as EVP of sales and COO. Her professional experiences have been found invaluable in helping Building Hope Today get entrenched into making a difference in our community.

In addition to her strong background in organizational development she’s excelled in defining technology strategies, guiding development of new concepts, championing solicitation of organizational support for new concepts, managing vendor relationships, negotiating contracts, forecasted revenue associated to the project and overseeing deployment related activities. Implemented a 12-0-2 on sales team, cutting overhead costs by over $370K, and brought in 2.8 million in closed contracts. She successfully lead and contributed to growth of 19% in a 35% contracted market and increased profits by 173%.

As a young child Alethea experienced unfortunate acts that resulted into years of a second perpetrators violation. This sequence of events placed Alethea into the Foster Care System. With her trauma riddled past she was determined to find a path of healing and helping others. She has a career in helping others move forward in life with putting goals into plans and establishing breakthrough systems from belief to enhancing skill set. She has spent years learning aspects that help empower others to life changing results. Alethea uses her background in professional stage presence and is a public speaker. Her personal passion is hosting guests to an Inner Adventure Retreat using empowerment and healing modalities. In finding a divine connection with Building Hope Today she can further her reach in helping others.

LaVarr McBride – Beaver, PA

Expert Matter Consultant

LaVarr McBride is from Beaver, Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh). He has a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a minor in psychology. He also has a Master’s Degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Sociology and Economics. He currently is teaching at Pennsylvania State University in Beaver, Pennsylvania.

Mr. McBride has worked in many different areas of state and federal law enforcement and the state and US Courts system, including the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AOUSC). He began his career 32 years ago at the Utah State Prison as a Correctional Officer. He then left the prison and was a state parole officer and worked on a task force in northern Utah dealing with drugs and other violent crime. Mr. McBride shifted from state to the federal system. He worked as a Senior Federal Probation Officer and Training Specialist in Utah prior to receiving a promotion as a Training Specialist in Washington DC. Mr. McBride finished his career with the government working as a Management Analyst for the Administrative Office of the United States Courts in Washington DC.

He is an expert in working with trauma associated with violent crime specifically in homicide and sexual assault and abuse cases. For the past 12 years, LaVarr has been helping in both death penalty and other violent crime cases nationally in supporting victims by finding answers to their questions, and offering them a unique way of support by providing an opportunity for the survivors to share with their offender how their lives have been effected by the crime they committed. In conjunction with Penn State University students, LaVarr is currently involved in a project with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections bringing crime victims into the prison for a 14 week program teaching inmates accountability and responsibility.

He is a published author. Mr. Eric Wicklund is the co-author, and LaVarr was his federal probation officer. The book titled, “Through a Convicts Eyes: An Overlooked View of the Criminal Justice System,” looks at crime and accountability through the eyes of an offender and a probation officer. He also is publishing his 2nd book this year about victims of crime and their triumph over their trauma. He speaks nationally at conferences on Violent Crime, death penalty, victim’s rights, and the effect of social media on violent crime. He also speaks nationally at high schools and universities on various issues involving sexual assault, bullying, suicide prevention and building self-esteem.

LaVarr was the host for, “Cold Case Beaver County.” This series highlighted several high profile homicide cases in western Pennsylvania that have never been resolved. This was a two and a half year project that involved 17 episodes.