I am Alethea Cox and I help Building Hope Today. My passion for helping is for having the common ground of unfortunate acts of SCA against me/us at a young age. In addition to helping in this cause I have a small group of AMAZING woman that we are support for each other. We use each other for the ups and we cry out for the downs. It has so much healing in knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you have a trusted group of compassionate people.

For many of us our abuse was decades ago. But with trauma and the blessing and curse that comes with the brain is it remembers. It happily tries to take care of us in the Lymbic system to protect us not only from the mental but the chemical and the physiological response to a flashback of many different forms. Here is what a beautiful friend went through on a normal day.

“freaking out right now…. Not sure how or why it happened. Im at work and had a flashback of something terrible that happened as a child… I haven’t thought about it since it happened. Now stuck at work trying not to ball and pass out. Do NOT know what to do or how to handle myself right now….. And like I said, I have no idea what just triggered it…….. HELP.”

I CANNOT stress enough to those around us, that we need love, support and help. It is in our past DNA and it can visit in a moment. AND to have the proper skills to get grounded and get help.

AS loved ones just understanding and knowing how the brain works my hope is that you will extend yourself to the love and support of a loved one that you may THINK is completely fine.