In the last 2 years I’ve learned a new language that can only be felt, not spoken. These pictures have not been shared before, and a few of them captured something rarely seen by even the closest of loved ones and friends, true joy, healing and love for self!

Today I share my voice and embrace my vulnerabilities, unlock and honor my terrified inner child in hopes to help others and bring awareness to SCA, (sexual child abuse). My HOPE is to help the hurting that have had this unfortunate act against them. I want to give help to loved ones on the sidelines that feel helpless and don’t know what to do and to the ignorant (most respectfully)…. the ones that don’t know how prevalent these unfortunate acts are in our homes and community.

I wanted to share with you a little of my journey in my attempt to edify other victims, help loved ones know their importance and – help beat the PLAGUE that is affecting so many. I realized recently that other than being a female the next thing that I have in common with community is…. SCA. 🙁 It is my place to speak out and share tenderly.

My case had prevention where I was placed within the state system. My 4 years of high school I had the opportunity to experience Harbor House, and live with 7 different families in our community. I got to see the court system, health and welfare foster care system from the inside.

After 18 I lived a life operating in the survival part of the brain, that mirrors’ fear. I was able to start a family knowing how important it was to tell and share love with your kids and at this point in life my kids where the ONLY thing I felt would never hurt me. I started a career that was extremely successful by using fear and pain as fuel that burned through adrenals and trampled my physical health but searching for validation, self worth and peace was a hunger that I was trying desperately to feed. ALL this beautifully masked my hurt, pain, sorrow and anguish. I THOUGHT I was fine……. I wasn’t a statistic with drug abuse, promiscuity or other addictions. I THOUGHT I was a survivor…. phew…. AND when the past tried to creep up I just ran faster, added a new train car that I was pulling. I HAD NO SENSE of self…. other than my kids, job and being a wife… that was my identity and heaven knew I couldn’t even begin to look at self…. all those common labels that are embedded in your brain from the inappropriate acts while young, when the neurological system was developing and stuck in wide open in the limbic system.

An adult friend realized, after protection of amnesia, of his SCA. He asked “How did you get through it?”….. my answer, I knew there was something bigger and stronger than me caring me through…. So I told him the only thing that I knew helped, “I got on my knees and prayed.” Belief and faith in a higher power that loves me and that somehow this all would become a strength and have purpose in it. AND with that I have learned steps to heal, how to reprogram the brain and neurological system, how to GIVE and ACCEPT love, what it feels like to feel true JOY, feel at PEACE, W+hole and…. how to divinely and authentically FORGIVE. ALL this is such a beautiful blessing through the challenge of adversity.

I know that this affects every reader by either being a victim, (AND maybe even someone that has NEVER told) you are a loved one to someone that has had these acts against them or a friend. National statistics of 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will have experienced these violations agains them. That means if it wasn’t you, and you happened to be lucky enough that it hasn’t happened in your family then it most definitely will be in your next circle of loved ones. It’s not the other Nations that have problems it is OUR nation, our community and OUR homes.

As a victim I know what it felt like when you didn’t feel you where worthy of healing and being pain free. Accepting healing and loving myself has been THE hardest thing in life. I know it sounds so easy but those that suffered SCA (Sexual Child Abuse) had an innocence about themselves taken that has LASTING affects. IF you have been victimized I beg you to face your trauma and KNOW there is healing for you. START with self-love today, YOU are worthy, you are beautiful and you have blessings of healing, love, joy, peace and being whole. Only if you find the love within yourself you will be able to give and receive love.

THE only person or thing that can heal you is YOU, no apology, no belief from others heals…. it is work we do…. but we do it for ourselves. Heal and set yourself free. PLEASE share this post if it can help someone you know and love….. Don’t let their pain, it could even be decades old, not be set FREE.

With love and gratitude,
Alethea (greek interpretation, TRUTH)

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