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About Us

About Us

Building Hope Today is a nonprofit whose mission is to create awareness of the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse, reveal its lasting effects, and to safeguard those at risk on our path toward a hope-filled tomorrow.

Childhood sexual abuse consists of sexual acts done between an adult and a minor (or between two minors) when one exerts power over the other, by forcing, coercing or persuading a child to engage in any type of sexual act.

Collectively as a family we invite you to read, ponder and discuss these topics presented in the following pages.

Our Mission

Increase Awareness

Reveal its Lasting Effects

Build Paths

Our Charters

At Building Hope Today, we are continually working to bring the best education and resources to the community. It is our hope that the information available in the legal track, family track, and victim track will be helpful. If there are additional resources you are seeking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Legal Track

Child sex offenders are masterful at deceit. They break down a child’s natural barriers and turn “normal” social mores on their head, often times thoroughly confusing and manipulating children for the offender’s own sexual gratification and on-going access for further abuse.

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Family Track

We have found many families share, “If I would have known the steps of grooming, I may have seen it and stopped it.” These words are far to often shared after the fact. Loved ones and natural protectors of our children often get groomed as well, putting guards down and having belief that the actual perpetrator has the child’s best interest.

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Victim Track

A “victim” is ANY individual who has been put in a harmful situation where someone had power over them sexually, physically, or emotionally. A “survivor” is ANY individual who has been put in a harmful situation by someone either sexually, physically, or emotionally.

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