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Legal Track

Helping With Grooming

We teach prosecuting teams to use grooming identification in childhood abuse cases. Many of the leadership of Building Hope Today have been victims in court, we know just how hard it is for victims to find their voice, to expose their vulnerability to the justice system of judges, defense attorneys, and jurors not to mention the offenders themselves. A child victim witness and an adult victim witness both are required to testify against their accuser and both are expected to provide sufficient evidence and testimony beyond a reasonable doubt to sustain a conviction.

Cases involving children are particularly difficult and unpredictable. At Building Hope Today, we believe we can train and educate our law enforcement, our counselors, and ultimately our jurors about the special nuances at trial involving minor children. We will educate on the steps of grooming, and help criminal cases quantify grooming as supporting evidence to strengthen cases. Other note worthy aspects is helping understanding as to why children don’t immediately tell of abuse and why delayed disclosure is so common. It is sophisticated and difficult for the common person/detective/juror to understand. Building Hope Today has the ability to be a much needed statewide/nationwide clearing house, advocating for specialized training involving child abuse investigations increasing the chances of conviction.

Child sex offenders are masterful at deceit. They break down a child’s natural barriers and turn “normal” social mores on their head, often times thoroughly confusing and manipulating children for the offender’s own sexual gratification and on-going access for further abuse. Building Hope Today’s charter is to expose the most common denominators used by sex offenders. We believe by teaching investigators, counselors, schools, and faith based leaders of these dynamics could be a real game-changer for not only victims but would be jurors and judges who must hold offenders accountable with guilty verdicts and further safeguard other potential victims.

Restorative Justice

As a foundation focusing on helping victims cope with their abuse, we learned that we have to be able to address this problem of sexual abuse in all facets of life, in the community, in families, in schools and in our nations prison system.

Through an invitation from Colorado we were able to visit the Fremont Correction Center, in Canon City, Colorado, which houses about 1700 inmates. We met with the inmates who were part of another program called 7 Habits from Inside. This program allows inmates to look at what habits and problems they have accumulated in their lives and how they can rid themselves of bad habits and form new habits that will help them in their transition back into the community.

This experience helped us all understand the devastation of abuse on children, as many of these inmates revealed to us that they too have suffered from sexual abuse.

Creating Alliances with Restorative Justice

Building Hope Today’s own LaVarr McBride is continuing to make in roads in Restorative Justice. Our BHT team is absolutely floored and passionate at the in roads and possibilities of continuing to help community understand and heal on some of the hardest topics. Although Timothy’s gift is not directly about Sexual Child Abuse the offenders that have been caught are in these prisons and we are seeing the benefits of teaming together with other passionate organizations to learn from and create alliances with in Restorative Justice.

What Can I Do to Help?

We need your help, support and generous donations to continue to develop our charter curriculum and begin the life long journey in delivering and educating of Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and society to the front lines of our communities. With BHT Charter as to prevent future sexual abuse against our children and grandchildren and help those children and adults that suffer the aftermath and lasting effects of these insidious crime against them,
and to find a path forward in Hope and Healing in their lives.

“PLEASE GIVE TODAY” Building Hope Today needs your help and support to bring these long overdue changes to society and our communities.

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