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Victim Track

Victim Track

We hope to help Victims take their “first steps to healing”. One of the most valuable things we can provide is to help survivors see more clearly the manipulation that led to their harm, bringing them toward a more peaceful and powerful self-acceptance beyond the life-robbing effects of guilt and shame.

You Matter!

Building Hope Today wants you to know that wherever you are in the process of healing, YOU MATTER and you have value that no one can take away from you. We would also like to discuss that while we utilize the terms of “victims” or “survivors”, they may not feel like they describe where you are at or how you see yourself.

On this website, and within our other content and materials, when we use the terms of “victim” or “survivor” we are referring to them with the following definitions.

A “victim” is ANY individual who has been put in a harmful situation where someone had power over them sexually, physically, or emotionally. The perpetrator may have used methods of grooming and manipulation to make the situation/s feel like it’s the abused fault.

A “survivor” is ANY individual who has been put in a harmful situation by someone either sexually, physically, or emotionally. Due to our experiences and understandings of sexual abuse, we know that these definitions may not describe the way you feel. These words are often utilized to provide a way of discussing harm that has occurred to a person. While you work to understand what happened and begin the process of healing, the terms might not fit how you feel about yourself…that is okay, they do not have to. Harmful experiences and the process of healing will look different for every individual. Please know that however you feel in this moment, it is valid and we care.

Resources are available.

Child sexual abuse is a type of trauma that is normally not discussed or processed until later in life when the survivors are adults. Building Hope Today understands that healing starting later in life is a reality for many people and that the process of healing can be filled with many emotional or physical challenges. We want to help guide that process of healing in a way that allows any individual to begin or continue moving along their path to brighter tomorrows.

We don’t claim to have all the answers but we do carry hope and belief that there is a path of healing that is right for you. We applaud, encourage and hold space that EVERY person harmed from unfortunate acts find healing, health and peace. We start by standing together in truth,”our” truth. You deserve to heal, to have a healthy and happy life. We can acknowledge our pain that we do infact hurt. In acknowldging pain OUR hope for you is that you become a warrior and find the strength to do the things that are important to nurture yourself and heal the broken parts of you. Beyond a doubt, YOU MATTER.

We will continue to pursue ways that we can expand our charter in helping victims and survivors. As we work to find impactful methods of helping, we want anyone to be able to work on their process of healing. For that reason, we have worked to establish a list of resources that contains information across our home state (Idaho) and nationwide. This list is not exhaustive but we will continue to make sure that any reputable and helpful sources of assistance are added to it. It covers a wide variety of topics that might relate to or be helpful to those who have gone through any type of sexual/physical/emotional violence and to the families members of abused individuals. It will also contain resources for the work being done to help end the child sexual abuse pandemic. Please let us know if this does not contain something that you are looking for, email

Starting the healing process

First, the healing process is going to look different for everyone. The incidents that have caused people harm may have similarities but from the beginning there may have been different tactics of grooming and manipulation used against the abused. When someone is processing what happened to them and starting their journey, they will need individualized help and care so that all aspects of their person can find empowerment and healing.

There are a lot of variations about ways to begin the healing process, or even starting to understand even what harm may have occurred to you. Building Hope Today finds that the following information from RAINN, a nation wide anti-sexual violence organization, is a good place for any individual to further seek understanding.

Physical self-care

After a trauma, it’s important to keep your body healthy and strong. You may be healing from injuries or feeling emotionally drained. Good physical health can support you through this time. Think about a time when you felt physically healthy, and consider asking yourself questions about all aspect of your health.

Emotional self-care 

Emotional self-care means different things to different people. The key to emotional self-care is being in tune with yourself. Think about a time when you felt balanced and grounded, and consider asking yourself what small thing you could do to find that again.

What Can I Do to Help?

Every person in a community has the chance to stand up and save children from sexual abuse. So first, we thank you for coming to the Building Hope Today website and reading through the work that we will continue to do.

We need your help, support, and generous donations to continue developing our charter curriculum. With that help we will be able to begin the life long journey of educating Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and society to be part of the front line working to protect children. The BHT Charter has established goals to prevent future sexual abuse against our children and grandchildren, to help all of those that suffer with the aftermath and lasting effects of these insidious crime against them, and to find a path forward in Hope and Healing in their lives. In order for us to make this journey possible, we need YOU. Please look below at the different ways that you can support our charter and our dream for hope filled tomorrows.

“PLEASE GIVE TODAY” Building Hope Today needs your help and support to bring these long overdue changes to society and our communities.

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