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Child sexual abuse is a type of trauma that is typically not discussed or processed until later in life when survivors are adults.  As we work to find impactful methods of helping, we want anyone to be able to work on their process of healing. For that reason, we have worked to establish a list of resources that contains information across our home state (Idaho) and nationwide. This list is not exhaustive but we will continue to ensure that any reputable and helpful sources of assistance are added to it. Please let us know if this does not contain something you are looking for contact us.

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Child sexual abuse is happening all the time.  It knows no boundaries.  Grooming and delayed disclosure are the common threads.
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Podcasts & Safety Blog

Voices of Children (Pt 1)

by Lydia Newlin & Anne L. Tierney | An interview with Anne Tierney, experienced counselor and forensic interviewer. Anne and Stronger! Safer! Podcast Host Lydia Newlin discuss how to listen to and receive the story of a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

Voices of Children (Pt 2)

by Lydia Newlin & Anne L. Tierney | Anne Tierney and Lydia Newlin continue their conversation about how guide and receive a victim’s sexual abuse story with care and respect; and the needs of adult victims of childhood sexual abuse to retell their story at different seasons in their life.

Jenna's Story

by Lydia Newlin & Jenna Quinn | Jenna Quinn shares her story, moving from victim to survivor, to thriving and promoting the passage of Jenna’s law in 33 states and now at the federal level. Jenna shares her perspective on how to tell and listen to a victim’s story of childhood sexual abuse.

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