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Our Beginning

In May of 2010, while sitting in a rehabilitation center in Southern California, Matt Morgan shared with his wife and children, for the very first time, the abuse that was waged against him as a young boy some thirty-five years earlier. Matt had been diagnosed and come to understand he had Disassociated Amnesia and PTSD from harm placed upon him as a young boy. That day was the beginning of Matt’s inspiring and life-saving journey.

It was also the beginning of what is becoming an Idaho lighthouse for survivors and advocates like himself. A long lawsuit soon ensued into a unique civil case court battle for “Fraud for Grooming of a Child”. Attorneys and therapists would remind Matt to keep trudging forward this emotionally crippling ordeal, JUST ONE… IF you can just save one in all of this, it will be worth it.

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Working to Save

“Grow little one!” every survivor must find and receive those quiet whispers of encouragement.

Like the angel that whispers to each blade of grass, “Grow, little one!” every survivor must find and receive those quiet whispers of encouragement. For the Morgan’s, it was the belief that the journey toward Building Hope Today would be worth every setback, every doubt and every heartache, if just one child could be saved.

The right to wellness and the ability to give and receive love is a God-given gift. At Building Hope Today, it is our collective vision to grant our children, and our children’s children, the opportunity to grow fully and beautifully into themselves without the tragic loss of trust, innocence, and self-worth that are taken daily from the lives of children like Matt Morgan.

Please consider participating in this vision with us today as we work to save “Just One…”


Charter Initiatives

Victim and Legal Team Advocacy

We have moved forward aggressively with developing a detailed curriculum on grooming techniques that can be used by law enforcement and prosecution, including victim advocacy, aiming to make the prosecutorial process mercifully more efficient for victims, sparing them agonizing delays by helping prosecutors strengthen their cases against their abusers.

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Community and Education Outreach

We at Building Hope Today know that our communities can be a part of making effective change for hope filled tomorrows for children. With the wide impact that child sexual abuse has on each and every aspect of our community, we have to join together in education and standing up for children. Building Hope Today asks our community members to engage with our educational materials and resources. The Family Pack is a tool that was constructed to help educate all people on the variety of issues surrounding the steps that abusers utilize in grooming children. The information from the Family Pack and the resources that we list in our “Get Help” section can help you learn about the many ways it is possible to end child sexual abuse and support survivors. All communities can also be a part of our outreach conducted throughout the year. You can see what we are doing on the events tab. Please join with us because all children have the right to be protected from child abuse!

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