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I Know a Child

I’m concerned about a child I know

Did you know that Idaho law actually requires that we report suspicions of childhood sexual abuse?  If you have a child disclose abuse to you, if you have discovered abuse, or if you have reasonable suspicion it is actually a requirement in almost ALL STATES that you make a report within 24 hours. Toward that end, please know this is a SAFE place to begin the process of inquiring or reporting abuse or suspected abuse— and you may never have to speak to a police officer.

We believe there is nothing more precious than the well-being of our children, and we’re extremely GRATEFUL for your conscientiousness.  More importantly, there is a child somewhere who will one day feel the same.

The same contacts can be utilized for if you have questions and need support as you work through your decision to report or if you are certain a child is experiencing abuse:

Idaho Resources

• Idaho Department of Health and Welfare / 208.334.5437 or 855.552.5437 /

This is the state-run department and is well-equipped to take your good faith report.

• Child Advocacy Centers throughout Idaho               

National Resources

• Darkness to Light  / 866.FOR.LIGHT

A D2L counselor can help with your concerns and direct you to a local resource for reporting.

• Child Advocacy Centers  /  800.239.9950

A CAC representative can help you evaluate your suspicions of abuse.

If you are uncertain about any of these things, or if you have deeper concerns about this process and what to expect, please refer to our Commonly Asked Questions.