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I’m a Kid

I’m a kid experiencing abuse

First, thank you for your courage to reach out for help!   We are here, we are listening, and we want to make clear to you that you’ve DONE NOTHING WRONG.  Lots of parents, often without mal-intention, raise their kids thinking that certain experiences are “bad” or “wrong” — this tends to cause children and teens to feel guilty, embarrassed, or ashamed of an abusive situation that they’re in.

Please put that aside for now.  The truth is You have a right to feel safe.  You have a right to have complete control of your own body.  And you have a right to be listened to, beginning right now!

Your first step is to speak to a caring and trusted grown-up about your situation, whom you can find here.  When someone answers, simply tell them “I’d like to speak to someone about something that happened to me.” Other helpful resources for you is a School Counselor, Health Care Provider or a trusted and safe adult that will help you report the acts against you for help and protection in these matters.


Idaho Resources

• Idaho Careline: Dial 211 or 1-800-669-3179

• Child Advocacy Centers throughout Idaho               


National Resources

• Stop it Now!   888.773.8368

• National Child Advocacy Centers

If you can’t get through — or if you feel uncomfortable with one of them — try the next number or speak to a trusted adult, health care provider or school counselor.  Someone is THERE FOR YOU.  And that person is ready to give you the HELP, SUPPORT, and PROTECTION you need.