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I’m an Adult

I’m an adult who’s experienced abuse

No matter where you are in your journey, you’re here because you’ve recognized something very profound:  That you are WORTH the effort to be well, to be fully yourself, and to begin the process of flipping the table on those experiences that have owned too much of you.

We at Building Hope Today know the effects of leaving abuse unattended, and they can be devastating and long-lasting.

As you sit and read this, we want you to know that we BELIEVE YOU.  Furthermore, we believe IN you, you are no longer alone. We believe there is no time like today to reclaim your life and begin the amazing re-discovery of the TRUE YOU.  Many of us at Building Hope Today have done that very thing — and we want you to know we believe in you, you are worthy and deserving for your peace and healing!

Trained professionals that you connect with and trust can be helpful in your steps to healing. You may have local resources available to you. In our attempt to help, you can review the support below and take the next step in reaching out to the organization that feels best for you.  We’re grateful you’re here!

Local and State Wide Idaho Resources

Faces of Hope  /   /  208.577.4400

Faces of Hope offers support services of all types for those working through the process of healing from sexual abuse.  Not only can they direct you to caring counselors with complete confidentiality, they can consult with you on any violations of your rights that may be prosecutable by law.

Idaho Careline / / 2-1-1 or 1-800-669-3179

Idaho Suicide Prevention  /   / 208.398.4357

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and are having thoughts of suicide, there are men and women on standby to listen, to offer help and complete understanding.  Do not delay, please call the number above and begin the process of rebuilding.  You may not realize it today, but soon you will!  You’re worth it!

National Resources

Lastly, if you don’t see what you need — or if you have additional questions about taking this next step — please see our Commonly Asked Questions section.