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Building Hope Today provides nationwide childhood sexual abuse training in grooming and delayed disclosure, victim advocacy and care, prevention and multi-disciplinary team effectiveness.

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What does our training look like?


We specialize in offering two-day or one-day training events for multi-disciplinary teams.
A team of Building Hope Today subject-matter experts present techniques and collaborative practices designed to improve effectiveness in all dimensions of child sex abuse investigation, prosecution, and victim care.


We provide seasoned multi-disciplinary team consultants to MDT clients who want to address a variety of matters
needed to establish, improve, or customize their organization’s effectiveness.


We take a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to our multi-disciplinary team assessment work.
We build a relationship with our MDT clients to examine effectiveness: reviewing policies and protocols, conducting site visits and interviews, and preparing a report with interactive action plan.

For more information about booking services, our fee structure, and how to plan, promote and present a successful training event, click here to connect with a Building Hope Today team member:


“I have been a sexual abuse investigator for about nine years now. The problem in our agencies is that there is not a lot of in-depth training on grooming like [we received from Building Hope Today]. Most sexual abuse trainings that we receive talk about the investigation, but they do not break grooming down into steps, how each step works, and what we should be looking for. What I enjoyed about today’s training is the breakdown of steps and how important grooming really is to sex abuse cases.”

“All the information [in today’s training] was really important. It was like being hit in the face with a sledgehammer. After going through what we did today, it made us realize that in cases, even ones where we were able to get an omission from the suspect, having the foundation of grooming that built up to the abuse would have solidified a case ten times more in front of a jury. If you can build a case with the steps of grooming [we learned here], a case would have a solid case for conviction even without an omission.”

Today, we learned how to corroborate victims’ stories when there are no witnesses. It’s a new way of looking at cases. It incorporates everything that lead to the child giving the disclosure. I had a number of colleagues come up to me after the training about a case we’re working on, saying ‘We can do this different. We can add this. I can ask this question.’ We’re looking at future cases and cases we could have done better, if we had this knowledge previously. It was great for our MDT to receive the training and to receive it together.“

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