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Six percent! That’s it. That’s all. Six percent of the reported cases of child sex crimes end in conviction. Together! We can do better!

That’s the passion and purpose of Building Hope Today. We come alongside law enforcement. Assemble experts. Provide support. Foster collaboration. Change the results. Change the statistics.

The unique nature of the Matt Morgan story focuses on supporting law enforcement and its ability to investigate and prosecute offenders. Building Hope Today has gathered a nationwide team of experts to provide resources, training and practical support for Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT): prosecutors, investigators, victim advocates, counselors, child protective services, forensic interviews, all those engaged in bringing offenders to justice and providing care for their victims.

Our Equipping Services

MDT Training (Two Day/One Day)

We specialize in offering two-day or one-day training events for Multi-Disciplinary Teams. A team of Building Hope Today subject matter experts present techniques and collaborative practices designed to improve effectiveness in all dimensions of child sex abuse investigation, prosecution and victim care.

MDT Consultation

We provide seasoned Multi-Disciplinary Team consultants to MDT clients who want to address a variety of matters needed to establish, improve or customize their organization’s effectiveness.

MDT Assessment

We take a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach our Multi-Disciplinary Team Assessment work. We build a relationship with our client to examine effectiveness: reviewing policies and protocols, conducting site visits and interviews, preparing a report with interactive action plan.

For more information about booking training services, our fee structure and how to plan, promote and present a successful training event click here to connect with a Building Hope Today team member:


CARE—Victim Support

Every 92 seconds someone is sexually assaulted. Every 9 minutes that victim is a child. Under 18, 34% of those victims are under 12, 66% are 12—17 years old. 34% of the offenders are family members, 59% are acquaintances, 7% are strangers.

The numbers are staggering, the victims are many and the affects on victims can last a lifetime. Adult victims of childhood sexual abuse are four times more likely to use drugs, experience PTSD or depression as adults.

We know. That is why we exist-to assist victims as they report, as they experience the legal system, as they seek healing, as they work to transition from victim to surviving to thriving.

Want to know about how to identify and help victims, but don’t know the right questions to ask? Read this FAQ sheet:

FAQs About Victims of Child Sex Abuse

Not sure where to turn if you or someone you know or love may be a victim? Reach out to one of the Children’s Advocacy Centers near you. Use this link to access the National Children’s Alliance National CAC Coverage Map.

National Locator

ADVOCATE—Victim Advocacy

We are uncomfortable talking about childhood sexual abuse. We think it only happens to “them”. The reality is childhood sexual abuse crosses all socio-economic and cultural boundaries, it can happen anywhere, to anyone.

We need laws, policies and protocols that protect victims and educate the public.

Building Hope Today joins, supports and advocates for issues, causes and laws that protect victims, hold offenders accountable and provide awareness to the public.

EDUCATE—Families, Educators

There is good news! Across the last twenty years in America awareness is increasing and abuse has declined. But the work is not finished. There are still thousands upon thousands of incidents of reported and unreported childhood sexual abuse each year.

Fortunately, there is a well-established national network of affiliates and prevention educators of which Building Hope Today is one part. There are national, statewide and local initiatives focused on educating those on the front lines of protecting our children—parents, extended family members, K-12 educators and childhood caregivers.

All of these entities believe education is the best form of prevention. We join this nationwide network to promote and provide information that encourages personal safety with family, friends, acquaintances and strangers, and digital safety in a world where sexual predators now lurk online.

Parent Pack

Building Hope Today provides a no charge Parent Pack to inform parents about the Seven Stages of Grooming used by sexual predators. Click on the Tab to Download your Parent Pack.

Download Parent Pack

Online Prevention Training

There are various Childhood Sexual Abuse Online Prevention Training modules that are inexpensive or free to the user. Here’s a good example from Darkness to Light: