Non-Profit preventing child sexual abuse

Protect a Child

This is a silent epidemic.  And we don’t talk about it.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

We all have an essential role to play.

We all can build hope, today.


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Speak Up & Speak Out

Offenders strive in silence.  
Together we can take away their power.


TakE a course

Grooming and delayed disclosure are why so many children are harmed, and 94% of abusers never get caught.  We’ll teach you the 7 stages of grooming and how to ensure you and the children in your life are not targets.
We also teach multidisciplinary teams how to identify, investigate, and prosecute these crimes to those in need.

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If we told you there are simple yet strategic ways to protect children in our community from sexual abuse, yet these are still unknown to so many, would you want to help us spread the word?  When multidisciplinary teams use our techniques, offenders don’t walk free to offend again.  
Now, we need your support to reach more people.

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Our Why

Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic


There Is Hope

We know how to create systemic change and we are making real progress in preventing child sexual abuse.


What Drives Us

Our Mission

To prevent and reduce child sexual abuse.

We equip, care, advocate, and educate
community members and multidisciplinary teams about grooming and delayed disclosure
– the keys to stopping child sexual abuse.

Our core values:
Awareness   –   Education   –   Collaboration
Justice   –   Safety   –   Hope

What we do

Our Services

Supporting Families

Understanding grooming and delayed disclosure are the keys to preventing child sexual abuse.  We teach this.

Equipping Teams

Training multidisciplinary teams on exactly how to identify, investigate & prosecute cases to secure convictions.

Sharing Resources

Spreading the word is how we tackle child sexual abuse as a community – knowledge is power – we can win this fight.

Protecting children

For every community and team member we teach, there’s a cascade effect on the number of children who are saved.

Get Involved

No matter your age, where you live, or whether you can give,
you can help end the child abuse crisis, and you can start right now.

Want to volunteer, donate, or just chat?  We’d love to hear from you.

Sharing Our Knowledge

Upcoming Events

January 2023 - OSHER Institute

Community Training

February 2023 - Idaho State Police

Peace Officer Standards Training

March 2023 - College of W. Idaho

Peace Officer Standards Training 

April 2023 - Southwest Idaho

Multidisciplinary Team Conference

May 2023 - Ada County Probation

Juvenile Probation Officer Training

June 2023 - Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance

Two Days in June Conference

July 2023 - Online, On-Demand

Statewide Community Training 

August 2023 - Dallas Children's Advocacy Center

Crimes Against Children Conference

September 2023 - Idaho State Police

Peace Officer Standards Training

October 2023 - College of W. Idaho

Peace Officer Standards Training

Working together

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