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One in four girls and one in six boys

will become a victim of child sexual abuse before their 18th birthday.  Stranger danger does not usually apply – 90% of the time a child is assaulted, it is by someone they know.

Five percent. That’s it.

Only 5% of reported cases end in conviction.  Why?  Children must face their abusers in court, and multidisciplinary teams must corroborate the child’s story beyond a reasonable doubt.  These are difficult and volatile cases, and they are extremely traumatizing for children. 

There is hope.

Our team of national subject-matter experts provides technical assistance to multidisciplinary teams to help them solve even the most difficult child sexual abuse cases.  We focus on grooming and delayed disclosure, multidisciplinary team effectiveness, victim advocacy and care, and sexual abuse prevention. 

That’s our passion and purpose.

We assemble experts, provide support, foster collaboration, and change the statistics.

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“In sharing our story, and doing this work, if we can help even just one child, it will all be worth it.

Thank you for visiting us, here. Please stop a while, take a look around, and reach out to our team to learn even more – we’d love to hear from you.”

Matt & Lynne Morgan


The Shield

Our monthly donors are committed to making an impact and ending the child abuse crisis.  They protect hundreds of children every single month.  Want to help too?

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