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In May of 2010, while sitting in a rehabilitation center in Southern California, Matt Morgan shared with his wife and children, for the very first time, the abuse that was waged against him as a young boy some thirty-five years earlier. Matt had been diagnosed and come to understand he had Disassociated Amnesia and PTSD from harm placed upon him as a young boy. That day was the beginning of Matt’s inspiring and life-saving journey.

It was also the beginning of what is becoming an Idaho lighthouse for survivors and advocates like himself. A long lawsuit soon ensued into a unique civil case court battle for “Fraud for Grooming of a Child”. Attorneys and therapists would remind Matt to keep trudging forward this emotionally crippling ordeal, JUST ONE… IF you can just save one in all of this, it will be worth it.

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To date, statistics tell us that only around six percent of child sex crimes end in conviction. We have to do better. In the next five years we believe that we can increase convictions to forty percent with our leading-edge training on grooming. Our training gives members of the justice system, families and victims an understanding of what grooming is how to identify and how to apply it to combat childhood sexual abuse.

With this training, we are now seeing OVER 90% conviction rates.

  • File more cases.
  • Get better results.
  • Hold offenders accountable.

Help us build hope today for a safer, brighter tomorrow.

Trainings Offered:

  • Justice System
  • Family
  • Victim

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