Multidisciplinary team training

April 20-21 Evaluations

Grooming, Delayed Disclosure & Multidisciplinary Team Effectiveness:

The Keys to child sexual abuse identification, investigation, and prosecution


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"This training provided a new way of looking at cases. I had detectives talk to me about cases we’re working on together, saying, ‘We can do this differently... We can add this... I can ask this question...’ We’re looking at future cases and cases we could have done better if we had this knowledge before. It was important for our multidisciplinary team to receive this training and to receive it together.”


“I learned the importance of multi-faceted disciplines working together for a common goal. Taking care of ourselves and each other, and in doing this, we take care of victims.”

“All the information was really important. It was like being hit in the face with a sledgehammer. [This training] made us realize that in cases, even ones where we were able to get an omission from the suspect, having the foundation of grooming that built up to the abuse would have solidified a case ten times more in front of a jury. If you can build a case with the steps of grooming [we learned here], a case would have a solid case for conviction even without an omission.”


“This is great information that will help us on every new CSA case we handle.”

“I learned that cases go beyond the incident of abuse. To understand the victim and the case, we must investigate, research, and understand everything that led to the first abuse incident, and all the way to the last incident before disclosure. Everyone involved in preventing child sexual abuse needs this training.”


“This opened my awareness of acts of grooming. Throughout the course, I had a case that kept coming to mind. I needed this info.”

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