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Saving Children – Creating Safer Communities

Our History

Since our founding, we have been chasing one ambitious goal: to play our part in ending the child sexual abuse epidemic in our country. And while the crisis is vast, we’re optimistic. We know how to help solve the problem, and we make progress every day thanks to the help of partners and generous supporters. When we work together, every child will grow up, free from sexual abuse, in our lifetime.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We prevent and reduce childhood sexual abuse.

We equip, care, advocate, and educate community members and multidisciplinary teams on grooming and delayed disclosure 
– the keys to preventing child sexual abuse.

Our work is built on six core values:
Awareness  –  Education  –  Collaboration
Justice  –  Safety  –  Hope

Our story started with Matt: 

Save a Life

What is Grooming & Delayed Disclosure?

Who Does This Affect?

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys experience this abuse.

Who Are The Offenders?

93% are abused by someone they know.

Who Will Report?

83% of children will never tell.  They’re all alone.  Of those who do tell, the average age when they share their experience is 52 years old.

How Many Offenders Are Held Accountable?

There’s usually no “hard” physical evidence, no witnesses, no crime scene, and no offender cooperation.  Most people think this means there’s no case.  As a result, only 6% of reported cases end in a criminal conviction, and 94% of reported offenders walk free.

Do Offenders Stop At One?

70% of offenders harm 1-9 children, 20% hurt 10-40 children, and 10% harm more.

Does Training Increase Accountability?

We teach community members and multidisciplinary teams how to look for “soft” evidence that can land a conviction through the 7 stages of grooming and delayed disclosure.  It’s an entirely new way of looking at cases and our techniques secure convictions, 100% of the time.

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Our Team


Matt Morgan

Morgan Business Ventures


Lynne Morgan

Building Hope Today


Board of Directors

Amy Johnson

Evergreen Strategic Consulting


Michael Rotchford


Director of Demand Generation

Tara Malek, JD

Smith & Malek

Owner & Litigator

Sid Sullivan

ACECO Precision Manufacturing

CEO (Ret. 2022)

Kelly Olson

Western States Equipment


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Strategic Advisory Members


Cortney Liddiard

Ball Ventures

CEO & Former BHT Board Member

Mark Tornillo

Martek Global

CEO & Former BHT Board Member

David Moody

CD Moody Construction

President & Former BHT Board Member

Subject-Matter Experts

Janice Beller, JD

Canyon County Pros. Office

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

Jean Fisher, JD

Ada County Prosecutor’s Office

Dep. Pros. & Special Crimes Chief (Ret. 2021)

Monte Iverson

Boise Police Department, ID


Pat McKenna

Providence Health & Services

K-9 Supervisor

Libby Stinson

SW Indiana CAC Coalition

Forensic Interviewer

Angela Weekes

Family Justice Foundation of Idaho & Nampa Police Department

President & Detective (Ret. 2020)

Aleshea Boals

Office of the Attorney General

Victim Witness Coordinator

Lara Foster

ST. Luke’s Health System

Forensic Interviewer

LaVarr McBride

Penn State University

Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator

Tonya Newberry

Boise Police Department, ID

Detective (Ret. 2021)

Anne Leonard Tierney

ST. Luke’s Health System

Forensic Interviewer

Sherri Cameron

Boise Police Department


Cathy Guzman, JD

Ada County Prosecutor’s Office

Prosecutor (Ret. 2023)

Kassandra McGrady

U.S. Attorney’s Office

U.S. Assistant District Attorney

Lydia Newlin

Minnesota Dept. of corrections

Victim Assistance & Restorative Justice 

Tom Tueller

Tueller Counseling Services

Founder & Counselor

Staff Members

Jean Fisher, JD

Building HOpe Today

Curriculum Director

Julia Marcus

Building Hope Today

Program Manager

Faye White

Building Hope Today

Executive Director

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