Builders Building Hope



“I had the idea years ago about a fundraising
campaign called Builders Building Hope.
The construction industry in Idaho joining us in
this fight to save children from lifelong trauma.”

– Our Founder, Matt

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Our Goal

Protecting More Children

Matt Morgan
Founder of Building Hope Today,
Owner of Morgan Business Enterprises
& Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

“Let’s have the Idaho construction industry be a shining-light example for all States in leading this country out of this silent epidemic that fuels suicides, addiction, crime, incarceration, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and so many other mental health problems in our communities.  

These abuses are the biggest breakdown in a healthy society because, without support, damaged children grow into damaged adults with long-lasting effects.  Abuse causes a breakdown in social and fiscal dynamics of the community that replays itself, over and over, until we, as a community, make the hard decision to say no more!  

I humbly ask that you speak up and speak out, step up with your company names, and put your hard-earned money on the table with us.  Let’s protect our innocent children and heal the wounds from these insidious abuses against them.”



Why the
Construction Industry?

It is no secret that contractors are an integral part of our communities.  The leaders of these companies don’t stop being leaders when they clock off:  They are active, involved, and committed members of the community.  This industry is dedicated to making Idaho the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Idaho native Matt Morgan is one of those leaders.  Born and raised in Idaho Falls, Matt built a highly successful design and construction business from the ground up.  Morgan Construction was a proud member of the Idaho Association of General Contractors before merging with a larger member company, facilitating his ability to fully focus on Building Hope Today.  

What do we know?
Since Speaking Out

Matt has been approached countless times on the construction site by his peers, who share their own stories of abuse and subsequent personal challenges.  Ones that they haven’t spoken about before.  It is a fact that mental health issues plague the construction industry.  This industry has the second highest rate of suicide in the country, according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  15% of all construction workers have a substance abuse disorder, according to American Addiction Centers, compared to the 8.6% of the general population.

Uncomfortable conversations need to happen

The more open we are about this subject, the less isolated those who experience this type of abuse will feel; more voices will speak up, education can happen, and change and healing can finally occur.  Matt’s story needs to be shared.  Look at your work crew:  If you have 13 or more men working on your job site, chances are that at least one will have had an experience like Matt’s, and they may need to hear that they are not alone. There are resources and support available to them.  They have options.

Standing Up & Speaking Out

“I finally had a voice after all these years of misunderstood frustration, fear, and anger that will allow me the opportunity to find peace and true happiness in every bit of my soul and being,” Matt said. “I hope for this second chance in life for all those who have experienced that same horrible experience I did as a child.”

Building Hope, Today

As contractors, we build and lead our communities. Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic.  And we don’t talk about it.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  We all have an essential role to play.  “Together, we can make a difference and mitigate these crimes against our children,” Matt affirms.  We all can build hope, today.  

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