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Voice of Victims – Jenna Quinn

Voices of Victims: Stronger! Safer! Co-Hosts Lydia Newlin and Anne Tierney welcome Jenna Quinn as she shares her story, moving from victim to survivor, to thriving and promoting the passage of Jenna's law in 33 states and now at the federal level. Jenna shares her...

Voice of Victims – Anne Tierney (Part 2)

Voices of Victims: Anne Tierney and Lydia Newlin continue their conversation about how guide and receive a victim's sexual abuse story with care and respect; and the needs of adult victims of childhood sexual abuse to retell their story at different seasons in their...

Voice of Victims – Anne Tierney (Part 1)

Voices of Victims: An interview with Anne Tierney, experienced counselor and forensic interviewer. Anne and Stronger! Safer! Podcast Host Lydia Newlin discuss how to listen to and receive the story of a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

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